Post Pad Protectors that actually keep Brisbane kids safe

Most post pads that we come across in daycare centres and schools are sports day post pads.

Standard Post Pads offer less protection

These are designed to be put on on game day and removed once activities are finished. They are made easier to take on and off, but this also makes them less secure when it matters most.

Another downfall with using sports day post pads is that these are generally round and do not satisfactorily fit square poles/posts. Their design is usually a wrap around with three Velcro straps.

Custom-made is much safer and better value as they last longer

Shade and Sails Post pads are custom made to fit existing scenarios for Posts or sports poles.

We can also custom fit to include things like a post with a downpipe.

The foam which is the internal section of our pads is cut to suit the size of the pole that the pad is being fitted to. They offer better protection.

The vinyl cover over the foam has a Velcro strip that runs the full length of the post pad and once fitted to the post it is tight therefore making it difficult when jumped on for it to slide down.

Post Pad Protectors For Brisbane Residents, Schools, Child Care centres and Businesses

Our professional team has provided all our clients, both big and small, with effective post pad protectors as well as shade sails and other items.

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