Sandpit Covers in Brisbane

A playground for young children really needs to include a sandpit. And a sandpit really should have a cover to maintain it and keep it safe for kids.

Sandpits are a great tool for children’s development and they encourage kids to get outdoors! They are a physical activity as well as improving their creativity and imagination Children make movements such as digging, pouring, scooping, pushing and lifting. These motor movements work their muscles and strengthen a young child’s body.

Clean Sand or Dirty Mud?

A reliable sandpit needs to be maintained and cared for. The whole point is to provide a safer, cleaner option for children than mud and dirt for activity.

While sand should be replaced from time to time, an uncovered sandpit or one with a worn out cover will deteriorate quickly. Removing waste and sifting sand from a sandpit is tedious and time consuming activity.

At Shade and Sails Brisbane, we understand the importance of making covers that are easy to use and yet effective in covering the sandpit. Apart from the standard jokes about neighbourhood cats, sandpit covers prevent all sorts of debris and impurities from mixing with the sand.

Sandpit Covers Custom-made for Any Size

Whether at home, a child care centre or school, sandpit construction and materials can vary, but our custom-made covers can fit any sandpit. It might be square or round, surrounded by logs or rocks, or have irregular borders, our sandpit covers are fit for them all.

Five key things needed for an effective sandpit cover

  • 100% fit to ensure full coverage with no gaps
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Durable material
  • Stay in position

At Shade and Sails we use light galvanised chain sewn into the edge of the sandpit cover. This weighs them down enough to stay in position, yet they are not too heavy to easily take on and off with ease.

We use high-quality materials which makes the sandpit covers long-lasting and suitable for all spaces.

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